Don’t look for empathy in a female doctor

I don’t know what it is about female doctors but they are a hard breed. There are times in a woman’s life when she feels that a female doctor may make her feel more comfortable. It’s a modesty thing, I guess. No need to be more explicit.

But a female doctor seems to be more blase than a male. “Remove your slacks, blah blah and climb up on this.” It is quite disconcerting when you especially asked for a female doctor because you felt self-conscious about your new youngish male doctor.

This female doctor had studied charm at the Rosanna Capolingua School of Sensitivity and so she made me feel like I was about to be a guinea pig in some awful scientific experiment on how much embarrassment a woman could endure.

In my whole life there have been only two female doctors who displayed normal empathy. I wonder why that is.

Actually I don’t wonder at all. I’ve always believed that the female of the species is tougher and less sensitive. I know that if I had to go on trial I would not expect leniency from a female jury. They are far too quick to condemn another female.

I think that it’s because they don’t really, deep down inside, like other women. I’m not sure if it’s because women compete with one another for male attention and perhaps it all stems from that. Perhaps it’s a primitive instinct that has endured.

Whatever the reason, I should not have repeated that mistake and perhaps in the future I will worry less about modesty with my affable male doctor.

He might have asked me if I had any plans for the coming holidays while he did the deed. He might even have provided a modesty sheet. It would have made a world of difference to me.


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