I was wrong about Ahmadinejad

In the past I fell for the same trick as did most of the Western world. Now I have to admit that I was wrong about President Ahmadinejad.

We have been depicting him as a buffoon, a puppet of the regime, a tool of the clerics and now I realise that he is not a sidekick at all. I have been doing some serious study of Adolf Hitler and how he set up the SS, the SA and the Gestapo to have a private army at his disposal. Hitler pretended that he was a servant of Germany’s President Von Hindenburg and of the German people. Meanwhile, he manipulated the elections until he became Chancellor and Fuerher and then he could do whatever he wanted.

Hitler had been cunning enough to get the military on his side and that is exactly what Ahmadinejad has done. He has the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the secretive Basij under his thumb. They perform the violent deeds on dissenters while he rants and raves against the West, all the while, grinning like a jackass.

So far the West have listened to such outrageous verbal attacks by Ahmadinejad with incredulity. The man can’t be serious, they tell themselves, when he calls the U.S the Great Satan and threatens to wipe Israel off the map. They regard him as a nutter and scoff at him.

The Western governments even hope that somehow Iran will become a nation with whom they can negotiate. But isn’t that exactly how France and Britain reacted to Hitler’s ravings before the Second World War?

I am now convinced that the Ayatollah Khameini is no longer the Real Supreme Leader of Iran. He is under the thumb of Ahmadinejad and that is why there will be no review of the elections which was promised a few days ago.

Khameini is just like Von Hindenburg while Ahmadinejad is like Hitler. His threats should be taken seriously. It is no mere coincidence that Ahmadinejad makes constant references to the Holocaust. Hitler is his mentor and a very dangerous one, indeed.


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