Catastrophic news about the end of the world!

My head is about to explode with the trauma of it all. I’ve just heard that the planet Mercury may collide with Earth and I haven’t been able to relax ever since. Now it isn’t definite BUT it’s possible that Mercury will do this terrible thing in about 3 BILLION years. Apparently, it’s the fault of Jupiter, don’t ya know.

What with swine flu, climate change, terrorism, the economic downturn and Gordon Ramsey’s tantrums, I would have thought that we had enough to contend with at the moment. But no, talk about kicking us when we’re down. It’s simply too unbearable to contemplate, so I’m just going to try to ignore the rantings of yet another research scholar who is short of a thesis topic.

Good news! I have investigated this TV story further (on Google) and have learned that the French researchers from Nature magazine say it could happen in the next 5 BILLION years, not 3 Billion. Phew! What a relief. Had me worried there for a while.


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