Where is Kevin Rudd’s outrage about the bashing of Indians in Australia?

Our glorious Prime Minister is ever eager to make an announcement of any sort. That’s whenever he’s not traipsing around the world, that is. So why isn’t he talking tough about the violent attacks on Indian students who come to Australia to study?

You wanna know something Mr Rudd, you should not leave it up to Stephen Smith, who is our Foreign Minister, to speak for the government. Mr Smith is the most sterile of speakers and his soporific assurances do not have any impact on us or the Indians.

The bottom line is, (to quote one of Rudd’s favourite expressions) that the Prime Minister should speak forcefully on the subject and condemn these racists attacks. I empathise completely with the protests that are taking place as I write. Furthermore, I congratulate the Indian students who are expressing their anger at these attacks. Good on them!

Where are you Mr Rudd and why are you tongue-tied? Oh that’s right you are in Singapore now. But how does that stop you from making an announcement? It is not enough to talk to the Prime Minister of India. You should condemn the attacks to the people of Australia and to the victims.

Well, well, well, Prime Minister Rudd finally condemned the attacks on Indian students. He did it just two hours ago, several hours after I wrote the above piece. I still maintain Rudd took his time to do this and India must not forget this diplomatic gaffe when Rudd makes his play for the post of Secretary-General of the United Nations.


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