Lack of sleep makes people fat

Ever since we heard about the hormone, Leptin, and its importance in appetite control, I have been watching out for more news about it. Apparently, it’s produced in the body during sleep, so if a person does not get enough sleep, then Leptin will be lacking and it will be difficult to control appetite.

The reason that I am mentioning this today is because there has been an article published in “The Australian” newspaper which points out that the French are sleeping longer than other nations. They sleep on average 530 minutes daily compared with 518 minutes for Americans. They eat for two hours per day, compared with a little over one hour for Americans. Now we know that the French eat cream and butter and love their pastries and yet, they are slimmer than other nations.

A book came out a while ago explaining why French women don’t get fat, but I actually suspect that it has more to do with the French having more sleep. I think that this is crucial for weight control.

In fact it seems to be more crucial than being active, which is surprising. According to The Wall Street Journal, the nation which spends more time watching TV is Japan and the Japanese are slim, so watching TV in your leisure time does not seem to be the culprit.

All this information came from a study done by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development in Paris. Its purpose was to show that French workers sleep too long and are wasting time sleeping when they should be working. This is what Nicolas Sarkozy urged the French to do when he won the presidential election two years ago.

It will be interesting to see if the French become more obese if they follow the advice of their President. They haven’t so far and perhaps they shouldn’t for the sake of their health.


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