Israeli security team rescues Melody cruise ship from Somali pirates.

The “Melody” cruise ship was attacked by Somali pirates on Saturday. So who saved the ship and its passengers? An Israeli security team hired by the Italian owners of the Melody. Those Somali creeps have been getting away with terror attacks for far too long and cowardly nations have been paying huge ransoms to the pirates. I can’t understand why there were no security guards on board other ships earlier.

Be that as it may, it’s only the Fox News Channel who mentioned that the defenders of the Melody were Israelis. I watched CNN and the BBC to hear if they mentioned who protected the ship and there was no mention of the crack Israeli security guards. Australia’s ABC TV also failed to mention the Israeli defence.

Had the security team been of any other nationality, I am certain that there would have been hours devoted to talking about their amazing feat.

On the one hand, this reluctance to praise anything Israeli can be galling. On the other hand, however, the fact that Israelis are skilled in protecting lives from terrorists is nothing new. It is a talent which has been hard won through having to deal with terrorists from their neighbouring countries.

What would have made news, indeed, is if the Italians themselves had been capable of defending the liner, or perhaps the Spaniards who are also quick to capitulate to ransom demands. So far the only people to fight back against the Somali pirates are the Americans and the Israeli security team.


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