So what did the UN Racist conference achieve?

One could claim that the conference achieved nothing, but that’s not quite true.

The first thing it achieved was to show up yet again the absolute futility of the United Nations. It is no longer viable because there are no common grounds for its members. It’s an “us and them” situation- the Muslim states and their African and South American allies, plus Russia and China, and then there are the Western nations who would still like to pretend that the world consists of a happy family whose petty disagreements could be sorted out if only they met and chatted amicably.

Well it aint gonna happen and we have once again witnessed how deluded the members of the UN are about its potential as a sensible forum for discussion. How could they possibly hope that they could have a discussion about racism in so many parts of the world and yet not highlight Zimbabwe, Sudan, Rwanda and the Arabs states, among others.

The world is polarised and instead of trying to sort things out, some of the UN members have decided to scapegoat Israel. Why? Because they did it at the Durban conference years ago and so they thought they would reprise the attack on Israel once again.

The Iranian clown chuckled as he picked on Israel again, but this time the Western nations decided to walk out in protest at his racist poison. Now that was an achievement! Honestly, I don’t mind that some of the clown’s friends applauded him. Bullies always attract attention, but nobody really trusts them. We all know that these Muslim nations are prepared to stab one another in the back at any time and have done so. In fact it’s the Muslims themselves who are responsible for killing most of their “fellow Muslims” anyhow. So be it.

The United Nations are as united as the Capulets and the Montagues. We have just witnessed another example of how anachronistic this organisation is and how farcical these conferences are.

Reminds me of that song “Send in the Clowns.” It’s about time the curtain was lowered on such silly performances. Sadly, it won’t be because there are thousands of bureaucrats whose livelihood depends on running the circus.


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