Sussan’s about turn–about time

In July of last year I complained about the lower standard of clothing at Suzanne Grae. Quite frankly, it was much less appealing than it had been in 2001. Somebody must have been listening to me, because this year Naomi Milgrom, who runs “Sussan” and “Suzanne Grae”, has announced that her stores will cater for the more sophisticated woman–(hmm older shopper) rather than the teenagers who obviously weren’t buying its fashion anyway.

I hope that it’s true because I quite enjoyed the mix and match fashions they used to sell. I still wear some of the originals I bought all those years ago and they have served me well.

The mistake that “Sussan” had made was that it thought it could compete for young girls’ business and tried to cater to them. They, however, were more interested in shops such as “Valley Girl” and wouldn’t be seen dead in the same stores that their mothers frequented.

So this is a sensible move on the part of management and I hope that I will be able to find some fashionable gear at their stores.


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