Aboriginal man gets lenient sentence for sexual attack on 4-year-old girl

It’s no wonder that the Australian public is fed up with judges. Yesterday, I expressed my disgust at one verdict and now we have another example of a judge being more sympathetic to the criminal than to his victim.

This time it’s the case of a 23-year-old Aboriginal man, Ronald Dean King, who broke into a home in Grafton, entered the bedroom of a four-year-old girl, removed her pyjamas, assaulted her vagina painfully and then masturbated all over the bed. She was so terrified, she could not stop shaking during the assault.

Now, according to the judge, a certain Justice Geraghty, King’s crime was mitigated because it was no more than “a moment of drunken madness” and that there is no major damage when a child is assaulted while asleep during part of the incident. So if you can knock out a rape victim then it’s fine to proceed with the assault. Amazing!

Justice Geraghty told King, who has a long criminal record, “You need to be punished but you will punish yourself for it.”

The reason that I have mentioned that King is an Aboriginal is because there is an unspoken law in this country, that it is very difficult to convict an Aboriginal of a crime in Australia, in case the Aboriginal lobby screams “racism”.

I have had a personal experience of this. A few years ago I was woken by some noise outside our home. I then saw two youths scurrying away from the place next door. They were carrying a lot of stuff in their pockets which was slowing them down. It was 4 a.m.

So I phoned the police. The first question they asked me was, “Are they of indigenous appearance?” I replied “what difference does that make?” And they said if they are Aborigines they will never get convicted and we’ll have the civil libertarians etc on our back. It’s not worth our while.”

These two thieves were not Aborigines and the police came out and caught them with our help.

It’s a sad state of affairs when there exists a kind of racism in reverse. Racism is a horrendous thing but it is equally horrendous to let people off because one is afraid of being labelled “racist”.

It reminds me of the case where some Aboriginal men got a tap on the hand for raping a very young girl because the magistrate said it was part of their culture. That is so sad and I think that it cannot do the Aborigines any good in the end if their vile behaviour is excused as being part of their culture. If I were an Aboriginal I would be offended by such an excuse.

As for King, well, there is an appeal against his lenient sentence. The judge has retired and has it on record that he has given lenient sentences in the past.

Oh, and by the way, child molester King did say he was sorry for his crime. A fat lot of good that does to the four-year-old girl, doesn’t it? It’s a wonder he didn’t offer to kiss it better now.


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