UN suspends relief to Gaza

Following another incident in which Hamas stole UN relief supplies the UNRWA has announced that it will suspend further supplies into Gaza.

It is Hamas’ aim to distribute food and provisions only to its supporters and pretend that they, Hamas, are the benefactors. It sells these on to the population and uses food as a bribe. This, of course, is no different from using human shields and murdering anyone who objects to their rule in Gaza.

Let’s face it, Hamas is at war, not only with Israel, but also with Fatah and so any Palestinian who does not support Hamas will be excluded from receiving vital supplies. That is why the UN wants to be in charge of distribution. It doesn’t trust Hamas.

Hamas has described this theft as a “mistake.” A MISTAKE! Now there’s an understatement! But only because they were finally caught doing it. Israel has been claiming for quite a while that Hamas was selling relief provisions which had been donated by the rest of the world and the UN to be distributed for free. And now, at last, Hamas, “the big saviour of the Palestinians” has been found out once again for being cruel to its own people.

So now, even the UN is temporarily fed up with Hamas. It would be interesting to ask Christopher Gunnes, who heads the UN relief agency in Gaza and usually accepts Hamas propaganda, what he thinks of this “mistake”.

I have just listened to the Australian TV news broadcasts and there is no mention of Hamas’ deplorable action. Can you imagine what would have happened had the Israelis stolen those vital UN provisions? It would have made headline news in every broadcast! On the other hand, the media expects this kind of reprehensible behaviour by Hamas and that’s why it’s not headline worthy.


Read Greg Sheridan’s column in “The Australian”

Yesterday, I wrote that you cannot believe anything that was reported by Palestinians, the UN and left-wing media about the fighting in Gaza. Today in “The Australian” newspaper, renowned newspaper reporter, Greg Sheridan offers the same view. I heartily recommend his opinion column.

In his article, Greg Sheridan writes:-

The cost in innocent Palestinian lives was heavy and tragic, and the fault for this rests entirely with Hamas, the terrorist death cult that rules Gaza. I do not believe a single story of Israeli war crimes or atrocities in Gaza. There is no evidence of any such story beyond Palestinian eye-witness accounts and on countless previous occasions these accounts have been fabricated. Remember the reports of the so-called massacre in the West Bank Palestinian town of Jenin in 2002, reports buttressed by eye-witness accounts? Did you know that it never took place, as later international investigations acknowledged?

The massacre at a U.N school in Gaza did not happen, the U.N admits.

I could say I told you so and I will. I will state it categorically that you cannot believe what the UN and the Red Cross have been claiming. You cannot believe what most of the left wing media has been reporting. You cannot believe what ordinary Palestinians in the Gaza strip have been recounting. And you certainly cannot believe the claims made by Hamas, the minion of Iran. Continue reading

Why the Reserve Bank of Australia should not cut interest rates now.

It won’t happen, but I would like to see the Reserve Bank leave interest rates as they are. Cutting them only makes people lose more confidence in the economy and what we need now is a boost to confidence. That is why leaving interest rates as they are would create a positive effect on our psyches.

All this talk of gloom and doom may make Rudd and Swan feel better because they can blame someone else for the economic woes we are experiencing. And to be honest, it is not the fault of this government. But in the end what will save the economy is not a stimulus package which so far has done little.

In my opinion, our economic woes are greatly influenced by our perception of how well we are doing.

We should not ignore the impact of negative messages on our psyche.

First, we were told that China’s economy will protect us, so we will be fine. Now we are told that even China is experiencing less growth and that we cannot rely on it. So when we hear that twenty million Chinese are losing their jobs we cannot remain upbeat.

It’s only logical that people will be afraid to employ new staff if the prognosis is so gloomy. It’s also logical that people are reluctant about spending more when their incomes are at risk. Tell us that we do not need a drop in interest rates and that will give everyone a boost.

Even if the interest rates were lowered by Two Hundred points it would not help matters and, in fact, it would aggravate the problem.