The massacre at a U.N school in Gaza did not happen, the U.N admits.

I could say I told you so and I will. I will state it categorically that you cannot believe what the UN and the Red Cross have been claiming. You cannot believe what most of the left wing media has been reporting. You cannot believe what ordinary Palestinians in the Gaza strip have been recounting. And you certainly cannot believe the claims made by Hamas, the minion of Iran.

All these organisations and terrorist groups claimed that Israel bombed a UN school. I said at the time that this had been concocted by Hamas and a certain gullible guy called Christopher Gunnes who speaks for the UNRWA. I am actually giving him the benefit of the doubt by describing him as “gullible.” Gunnes was quick to blame Israel for not being cautious about the civilian population of Gaza. He also claimed that the UN school had been bombed and that 43 civilians had been killed inside it.

As it turns out, nobody was killed inside the school. The truth was reported in today’s “The Australian” newspaper. Hamas militants had been shelling Israeli targets from an area just beside the school. Why is that? Well even an idiot reporter should have seen through that ploy but Jason Koustoukis who spreads his venom via The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s “The Age” couldn’t wait to repeat the mantra of Hamas.

What really happened was that Hamas were provoking the IDF as is their wont. Israel retaliated but did not aim at the school. Strangely enough, Gazan civilians had congregated outside the school just at that very suspicious time and they were killed.

What were they doing there? Who killed them? Had they been gathered up by Hamas to act as human shields and statistics?

There are some embarrassing revelations from John Ging who is the UNRWA’s operations director in Gaza. He now says that the shells landed outside the school. He also says he did not claim that anyone had been killed inside the UN school.

“I know no one was killed in the school” and “I never said anyone was killed in the school” Ging said. And yet he had made it sound as if it had happened. These are his very words;- “as you can imagine, this was a very distressing attack. It has killed 40 people and some of those who were injured may yet die.”

True, he did not actually accuse Israel, but he sure implied it and did not deny it when Christopher Gunnes lashed out at Israel. In fact, seventeen hours after the attack John Ging had said that there were innocent people in the school and that it was not being used by Hamas, but what he did not say was that nobody in the school had been killed.

So he is damned by what he did not say. Allowing a lie to be spread is what damns John Ging.

In fact, it was not until the 29th January (three weeks after the incident) that he admitted that nobody had been killed inside the school. Ging should be condemned for not speaking up when Israel was being accused and the media should now be condemned for not reporting the truth with the same huge headlines that the lies had been disseminated.

There are now further revelations that U.N relief supplies were stolen by Hamas and then sold on to the Gazan civilians. This was meant to be free. It is important to remember that the people inside Gaza who were supposedly distributing for the UN were, in effect, Palestinians.

How these UN head honchos and agenda-driven reporters can live with themselves I don’t know.


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