Peter Costello laps up poll dancing

Our former treasurer, Costello, loves teasing, suggesting and then retreating. He slides up. He slides down. He slides round and round. Where he is going nobody knows and I’m amazed that anyone still cares.

The Man who would be King (but failed) is a serpent who slithers in the background eager to destroy the party which didn’t propel him into the leadership. And if he joined a choir it would be as a castrato.

You didn’t want me then and so now I’m going to make you pay for it, is his message to the Libs. So there.

And yet… and yet, the media still hover around him wanting to know his intentions.

Isn’t it obvious that Costello simply wants to sit in the background, gorging himself on sour grapes and doing the occasional “poll dance”? That’s what he did when Howard was in power and that’s what he’s doing now. Time to say goodnight to the folks, Pete. Your performance is tedious.


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