Where is the Prime Minister of Australia’s wife?

Australia has just suffered and is still suffering from the biggest natural disaster it has ever had. The bushfires have killed almost two hundred people so far, people who perished in the most awful way.

The government representatives, the Governor-General of Australia, and even the cricket teams have visited the disaster centres. All sorts of volunteer groups are giving a helping hand.

So who is missing from all this? Who is conspicuous by her absence? Whereas John Howard’s wife would have put in an appearance to offer a shoulder to weep on, Mrs Rudd, (Therese Rein the multi-millionairess businesswoman) is nowhere to be seem. Is she overseas busy growing her millions? Yep, that’s where she is all right, in London giving interviews. And yes, she says she’s been thinking about the bushfires.

The most flippant explanation is that she doesn’t have an appropriate outfit to wear–something sombre and suitable instead of the flamenco fiascoes she usually inhabits.

Seriously, though, I bet that Michelle Obama would have been around to console those who were shattered by the natural disaster. Somehow, I just don’t see Mrs Rudd in that comforting role.


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