Malcolm Turnbull disappoints

If I thought for one moment that Malcolm Turnbull had the public’s interest at heart then I would support him. But I am very disappointed in his behaviour since he became leader of the opposition party.

I admit that when he became leader I was an enthusiastic supporter of his and very hopeful that he would be a viable alternative to the government. But he is not. He turned out to be someone who will oppose just to oppose instead of weighing up the situation and thinking of the good of the country.

His ambition is as strong as Kevin Rudd’s and that would be excusable if he were willing to contribute some good suggestions for the economy. After all, as a banker by profession he should benefit from his experience and yet, in interviews he always refuses to offer an alternative. When asked what he would do he criticises the government. If he has good suggestions he is keeping them to himself and that shows where his priorities lie.

Mind you, Peter Costello is doing the same thing. Now wouldn’t you expect him to help out during this crisis? On second thought, perhaps not. I suspect he would like every Australian to suffer deprivation rather than be a helping hand. And then he would smirk and give interviews when what he deserves is a big slap in the face.

I don’t support the Rudd government’s money handouts. But I do support the rest of the stimulus package and it is shameful that Turnbull will now prance around trying to get headlines “when things is grim”. This is not a time to be divided.

As it is, even the infrastructure projects will take a few months to get off the ground. We have no time to lose and Turnbull is doing himself a lot of damage by pretending to be against the initiative.

I don’t even know what he stands for any more. He has lost my support and I am surprised that I could have had such high hopes for him and been so wrong.


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