Israel is getting real at last

I have noticed a trend lately in Israel which I applaud. It’s about time that Israel realised that no matter what it does or does not do, it will be criticised.

Israel could stand on its head with humanitarian deeds that no other nation would dream of performing and it would still be lambasted for being a pariah.

My message to Israel is that since you are going to be a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in this world, you might as well do what you think is best for your people.

When Israel left Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005 it was for the sole purpose of living in peace with the Palestinians. Did this happen? What would you call a daily barrage of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel? A friendly gesture?

How about the official declaration that Hamas wants to annihilate the state of Israel? That is written in blood in their Charter and they mean every word of it.

During the war against Hezbollah, Israel was very considerate of world opinion and tame in its response to the kidnapping of two of its soldiers on the border. This was a mistake, in my opinion, because what ensued was a flurry of bad publicity anyway for Israel accusing it, as usual, of being cruel to the civilian population of Lebanon.

What is conveniently forgotten is that it is the Arab militants who always start it and Israel is forced to retaliate. And please don’t say Israel should turn the other cheek, because everyone has a right to self-defence.

It is the militant Islamists who always disguise themselves as civilians and, in fact, during this recent Gazan conflict, Hamas again removed their jihadist uniforms so that they could blend in with civilians. This is the method of fighting of cowards who use their own families and babies as ammunition. Israel once again restrained itself and targeted military installations, tunnels and caches and Hamas depended on Israel’s higher ethical standards.

Let’s be quite frank, Israel could have carpet-bombed all of Gaza but chose not to do so out of consideration for the genuine Gazan civilians.

There are now stories coming out of Gaza about atrocities committed by the IDF. This is what the media relishes. The bullshit is piled high in Gaza and is fed to the reporters.

We know who stands to benefit from such accounts. But at long last, Israel has decided that no matter what gross and vile acts Hamas commits, these will be overlooked by an overtly and covertly anti-semitic world while whatever Israel is doing will be analysed ad infinitum and condemned.

So what should Israel do? Listen to the critics who align themselves with the Arabs no matter what the truth of the situation is?

Appeasement does not work and I am pleased that Israel is now declaring that it has had enough of the blatant unfairness of the media, the prejudice of some world leaders and the double-standards of organisations such as the U.N which is overloaded with Arab members.

Israel has had it with the vested interests and I support its decision to stand up for itself and shout “Stuff the lot of you!”


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