Give Obama a “BRAKE!”

I’m most amazed that President elect Obama is making his historic journey by train. Not a Connex train that’s for sure or his trip would have been cancelled on account of the weather. (For those of you fortunate enough not to depend on Melbourne’s public transport, Connex is a company in Victoria which is copping much criticism lately because of its unreliable train service.)

Anyhow, back to Obama. I would have thought that he would arrive on water, walking on it, in fact, and then he would turn that water into wine. My point is that too much pressure is being placed on the poor man. He is expected to be the panacea for every ill in the world, apparently, and it’s so unrealistic.

The new President will have so much to take care of. The economy, the troubles in the Middle East, the war in Afghanistan, the health system, the tax system, the education system, the illegals, global warming and carbon whatsits all demand immediate attention.

For crying out loud, give the man a break! He is not Mighty Mouse nor is he the Messiah. He seems to be an affable and talented man who wants to do his best for America. And it’s pleasing to see a man of colour become President. But if one builds him up to be any more than human, not only will the honeymoon be brief but the marriage will be annulled. And that would be a shame.


One thought on “Give Obama a “BRAKE!”

  1. Obviously, he’s going to be busier than a one-armed paperhanger, and far too preoccupied in the immediate future to do much about landrights for gay whales.


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