The Best Laid Plans of Kevin Rudd

This week Prime Minster Rudd announced a rescue package for many Australians in need of financial aid. His intention was to give money to certain groups so that they would have more available cash to kick-start retail spending.

Well, in one small business with half a dozen employees only one of them qualified for Rudd’s generosity. She was a single mother who cheered on hearing about her windfall of $1000.

“You beauty!” she yelped. “Now I can book that holiday in Bali.”

So much for helping our Aussie economy. No doubt she’ll live it up in Bali, get herself pregnant again and be eligible for more government handouts.

Here’s hoping there aren’t too many people like this one or Rudd’s largesse would have been wasted.


2 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans of Kevin Rudd

  1. Eugene,

    I guess it takes all sorts to make this world what it is. The way things are going there will be quite a lot of financial stress before we get out of this mess. Lessons are usually learned the hard way, don’t you think?


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