Israel launches the Skunk bomb

Talk about necessity being the mother of invention. A country has to endure suicide bombers who kill and maim its citizens. It tries to defend itself and even wants to come to some peaceful arrangement with its destructive neighbours. All to no avail.

It has no choice but to build a barrier between its people and those who want to destroy it.

Bombings continue. Palestinians, including women and children, with explosives tied around their waist, enter Israel and wreak havoc on everyone. Palestinians hurl rocks and fire ballistic missiles into Israel with the single aim of terrorising its citizens.

Comes Yom Kippur, the most Holy Day of the Jewish calendar. On this day Jews DO NOT DRIVE. They fast and go to the synagogue to pray. That, of course, is the day some thirty years ago that the Arabs chose to attack Israel in the hope of catching it off guard.

There is no depth to which the Palestinians and their Arab allies will not sink to destroy Israel.

So what happened on Yom Kippur last week? A Palestinian “Israeli” decided to stir things up and DROVE through the ultra-religious areas of Akko shouting obscenities at the folk going to the synagogue. Riots followed between Israelis and Palestinians. It was so distressing that even one Palestinian politician denounced his fellow Palestinian’s provocation.

This is the sort of despicable behaviour that Israel has to endure on a daily basis. I marvel at that country’s self-control.

Ironically, I remember very well that my Jewish mother would not hang out the washing on a Sunday so as not to offend our Christian neighbours in Australia.

So now Israel has had to develop a weapon which will disperse Arabs throwing rocks and even more dangerous missiles. Israelis do not want to shoot rubber bullets, nor do they to want to use the Taser to stun these Arabs.

The new weapon is amazing and in my opinion deserves a medal from Amnesty International. It is a concoction of non-toxic but foul smelling liquid which is even safe to drink. When sprayed on people who want to attack you it leaves a horrible stink which is like a mixture of skunk and shit. The aroma lasts for days but is totally harmless. One could even describe it as being eco-friendly.

I loved the comment by one Palestinian rioter who said that it’s not nice. It smells bad. Poor baby…

According to Al Jazeera “Palestinian protester Ahad Huja, who was sprayed by the Skunk last month, said the smell even got into the food his wife cooked and that people avoided him for a week.”

Can you imagine the conversation over dinner that night? “Now Ahad, there you again throwing rocks at the Israelis. Well, don’t expect me to kiss you goodnight. You can sleep on the sofa.”

The spray is so effective for peaceful crowd control that Israel already has enquiries from other nations for its “Essence of Skunk” parfum (as I call it).

In my opinion, it should replace Tasers that are used by police in Australia and in other parts of the world since Tasers can be potentially harmful whereas this stuff will stop a dangerous felon or a violent drunk in his tracks without hurting him. The worst that can happen to him is that he doesn’t get social invitations for a few weeks. lol

There has to be poetic justice in this story. If you behave like a shit then you will stink like one.


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