Lawson’s Bread has finally arrived!

Today, 6th October, is the day that Lawson’s Bread came to Melbourne. I can recommend it to anyone who likes real bread instead of that mush that is usually sold. Just because a loaf looks like it’s been trampled on by hippies in Birkenstock sandals does not mean it tastes good or that it is even healthy. Those sort of loaves look so bad that we mistakenly believe that something as ugly as that must be good for you. Reminds me of the time that my husband was the controller of CSR’s sugar and he revealed that all those people who believe that brown sugar is healthier are being conned. Apparently, sugar is refined into white crystals and then molasses is added to the crystals to make them look “natural” and “wholesome”.

As I have always maintained it’s all about perception. Reality doesn’t come into it.


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