Vice-presidential debate.

No matter how much preparation Governor Sarah Palin receives, she will not be able to convince voters that she would make a good vice-president in the next debate. It’s not that she’s dumb because she’s not. Palin is a smart lady with loads of charm. Even women like her despite her good looks!

But she lacks political experience and knowledge of the world. The job is too demanding for a person with her limited experience. Had she been active in national and foreign politics for two decades then she would be a formidable candidate, but she simply hasn’t had enough hours of flying.

The problem is that when one elects a vice-president, one is electing a potential president in case something happens to the incumbent and one just can”t imagine the U.S being run by someone as inexperienced as Governor Palin.

So whom would I have selected? Joe Lieberman, but I can’t imagine that he would appeal to the conservative right or to African-Americans.


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