Goodbye to boring U.S elections

It has been a very boring U.S election up till now and an impossibly long one. It’s such a shame that electioneering takes up so much of the presidential term, not to mention the money spent on getting people to vote. But with the advent of Sarah Palin, there should be some exciting times ahead.

The governor of Alaska is sassy, intelligent and speaks well. She represents what many Americans admire, a down-to-earth charisma, a touch of independence and unquestionable patriotism.

This is all very appealing to the majority of Americans who don’t relate to the upper echelons of Washington. They want someone who understands their concerns and who will work hard to improve their conditions. If Sarah has a husband who got arrested for drunk driving, and a daughter who came home pregnant, well, so have many of the potential voters who identify with her life experiences.

And if some of those supporters are uncomfortable with her imperfect image, well, the religious right does love former sinners who want to redeem themselves through service to others..

After all, what can Obama offer these people? They don’t want his generalisations and all that talk about change. For them there’s been too much change already. They would like to go back to the good old days before terrorism and getting involved with global conflict. That’s what I believe Sarah Palin is offering. It’s a kind of pioneer appeal.

Palin’s admirers see this as a step in the right direction. If someone wants to mess with the U.S, well, the government will take care of it without all the useless U.N meetings that are stacked against the U.S. America will take care of its own and anyone who threatens the U.S had better watch out.

I find all this fascinating and support any step the U.S may take to give up trying to please other nations, because you end up selling out anyway. The rest of the world will probably go on criticising America forever. So the U.S should take care of its own first and foremost.

Let’s face it, the rest of the world does not respect a weak and conciliatory “world leader” anyhow. Crawling to others is not the way to go. So I say “Way to go, Sarah!

I have just listened to John McCain’s speech at the Republican convention. In his quiet, modest way,
McCain made me like him as a person. He did not rubbish the Democrats because he prefers, he says, to work together for a cause, but he managed to inspire great confidence in his views. His was a rousing speech that revealed more about the man and his views than Obama’s did. There was more pizazz at the Democratic convention, so much in fact that it almost rivalled the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, but I felt there was more substance here in St Paul.

I believe that John McCain should be given a chance to show what he can achieve as President of the U.S.A. Obama’s time will come one day, but I am convinced that McCain’s time has come now.


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