Colin the whale and Euthanasia

While the world went into a frenzy over the fate of a baby whale, there were thousands of human beings begging to be allowed to die with dignity.

The hysteria that surrounded the baby whale was not surprising. The media loves this kind of photo opportunity and will milk it for as long as it can. Experts from all fields of biology and conservation are dug up for their opinions on what should be done to rescue the whale.

People will work themselves up to fever pitch because they want to feel as if they care about something. Finally the baby whale was put out of its misery.

After all, an endangered baby whale makes a great sob story and can provide catharsis for those who want to have a good cry. These same people don’t want to think about the suffering of those in pain from terminal disease because that’s too confronting. So they reach for their tissues and let it all out for baby Colin or Colette, as it turned out to be.

It’s ironic that there was more compassion for the baby whale than there is for a suffering human being who asks to be released. Colin/Colette was starving to death but so did my “father” who actually begged me for a one way-ticket out of here. (Those were his very words to me). I could do nothing to help him and so he starved for three weeks until he died because he wasn’t a baby whale.


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