Moving to Melbourne

They say a change is as good as a holiday. I say it’s better, much better. A holiday gives you a taste of what could be; a taste of other experiences, something new. Sadly, a holiday is finite and when it’s over, you are back to what was before. You may even be sadder still because now you know what you are missing. So all you can do is look forward to the next time and that means living in the future.

What I was seeking by moving to Melbourne was to enjoy life in the present, not for two weeks or a month of touring, but to enjoy living somewhere else and having time to absorb a new place on this planet.

We have been in Melbourne now for two weeks. Most of the cartons have been emptied. Tradesmen have been coming and going nearly every day. Some new furniture has been delivered and so apart from 26 cartons of books we are almost done. We have promised ourselves to empty one carton of books per day and we intend to keep our promise unless something else crops up. Yesterday, something else did crop up, but we definitely will empty a carton of books today.

There is a vibe in Melbourne which appeals to my nature. I like the fact that there are so many venues, concerts, cinemas, art galleries, restaurants and shops to visit.

Whilst Melbourne is sports mad, there are many things to do that don’t involve an arena or stadium or physical exertion of any kind. That suits me fine. Let’s face it I haven’t even watched the Olympics for reasons that I wrote about in past blogs. I simply don’t care.

The news this morning is that Mongolia has won its first gold medal. Congratulations, Mongolia! See the hordes of jubilant Mongolians jumping about joyfully in the streets. If only Tibet could win something too.

Everyone here has asked us why we left the pleasant weather in Brisbane. Melburnians seem to be inordinately apologetic about their weather. “Don’t you find it cold?” they ask us in a quietly concerned manner. “Of course we do,” we reply, “but we knew it would be cold and we like it” we reassure them.” That’s when they shake their heads and walk away.

We had been warned that Melbourne weather is changeable. So when we go out we take with us our snowshoes, umbrellas, fur muffs, heavy coats, lighter coats, still lighter coats and scarves. We also have to be prepared to remove all those items in a hurry when the sun pops out briefly. It’s just what I used to do when I took our young babies out in the pram. There were jackets, change of nappies, hats, not to mention toys and food. We no longer take the toys and food but nothing else has changed.

Today we will explore the other end of our street. Talk about adventurous!

You know the best thing about living in Melbourne? Well, it’s being able to buy Matzo in all the Coles and Safeway stores, not just at Passover, but all year round. Now that’s what I call winning a gold medal!


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