Beijing ceremony later this morning

We watched the end of the Olympic opening ceremony this morning. Call me a patriot, but when the Aussie team entered the arena, I, who had been so nonchalant about the concert itself, shed a tear of pride.

The team was dressed in the most beautiful of blues that reflected the seas around our continent. Whereas some of the other nations walked in unison, the Aussies did not take themselves too seriously. They strolled in, waved to everyone and took photos. It was obvious they were having a ball before the hard work of competition began. I loved their attitude.

Their relaxed manner was so infectious that after a while even the composed Chinese team who followed them began to wave and smile. The Chinese team wore beautiful uniforms in yellow and red, but I especially liked the navy and white U.S outfits with the white berets.

However, my heart will always tend towards the Israeli team in their casual navy and white T-shirts. They too were very relaxed, but then when you take into consideration the constant threat that they have to face everyday of their lives, then whether they win a medal or none, doesn’t really figure. They were just happy to participate.

It was a pleasure to hear the clapping for every nation as it entered the arena. This is what de Coubertin would have wished for.


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