Jihad Rehab

I saw an interesting programme on TV last night which should have been on the Comedy Channel. It was called “Jihad Rehab” and was intended to show the “softer” side of Saudi Arabian law. Not the one where a Princess’s head is cut off for being found in the company of a man who is not a relative.

Apparently, there is a centre in Saudi Arabia which retrains jihadists…that is, terrorists who have been caught. According to this documentary, the bad terrorists, those who have blood on their hands, are dispatched elsewhere, but the Arabs in this centre are “nice guys” who have been led astray.

These “rehab patients” are shown playing computer games and table tennis. They are treated with respect and, in fact, the whole place looks like Club Med for jihadists. There are psychiatrists attending to the patients’ recuperation and counsellors whose sole aim is to help these poor prodigals to recover.

The documentary maker is guided through a rather lavish set-up meant to impress visitors to this resort for convalescing terrorists. We are assured that they are in the process of being transformed into upstanding Arab citizens.

As I watched the jihadists at their play stations with beaming smiles on their faces, I could not help but recall the documentaries that were made by the Nazis in the concentration camp at Theresienstadt for the sole purpose of fooling the Red Cross and the League of Nations.


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