Watch Dr Death get away with it.

After spending a fortune bringing back Dr Jayant Patel back to Australia to face several charges including manslaughter, he has now been granted bail on a surety of $20,000. What a joke! Is he actually going to sit around waiting for the trial?

I have already said that Patel will never be convicted for his alleged crimes and I reiterate my views. If it can be claimed that the paedophile, Dennis Ferguson, cannot get a fair trial in Queensland, then surely the same excuse can be made for Patel not being brought to court.

With a nickname like Dr Death how can he be given a fair trial here?

Let’s face it, if Jayant Patel did a runner while out on bail, Anna Bligh and the culpable Queensland Health Department would heave a sigh of relief. All they ever wanted was to look as if they were trying to bring Patel to justice.

The last thing the government of Queensland really need is to bring to light the terrible situation in Bundaberg and in other regional hospitals which encouraged doctors like Patel to perform surgery beyond their ability. But then the government is also guilty of that same fault as Patel and has been shown to be quite inept at providing adequate health care for the people of Queensland.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Queensland Health provides Patel with another business class ticket out of the state just as it did the first time that Patel left Australia.


4 thoughts on “Watch Dr Death get away with it.

  1. LiliGans

    Suggest you bring yourself up to speed with the legal process and the suppression order which is in place on the reporting of this case.
    I’m not sure if you think you’re above the law but the suppression order makes your column void.
    Despite your bleating, you’re actually standing in the way of this person receiving a fair trial.
    This posting should be removed now. This is careless and reckless “journalism”.


  2. Dear Fasdfasd, I am not a journalist, just a mere blogger. If you reread my post you will see that I am suggesting that Dr Patel cannot get a fair trial in Queensland. In any case, I’m still sticking to my opinion that it is the Queensland Health system which is to blame more than Patel himself. I’m amused by your suggestion that my blog could prevent Patel’s fair trial. You can’t be serious…


  3. Fasdfasd must be a speedreader: so much so that he/she totally missed the import of what you wrote, and managed not to understand the meaning and object of the suppression order—— well done Fasdfasd!!!


  4. Max, I must admit that I was bemused by what Fasd had written, but that’s what makes the world a fascinating though frustrating place. I would be sad to see a suppression order on voicing an opinion in a blog. There are some countries in the world where you can’t express any opinion freely. Thank goodness, we don’t live in one of those.


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