A One-Way Truce between Israel and Hamas

Two weeks ago the truce between Hamas and Israel began. Since then there have been six separate episodes of missiles being fired from Gaza into Israel.

“The Australian” which usually is more balanced than other Aussie newspapers reported the missile attacks and then had the audacity to write that the truce is holding in spite of these attacks.

So what the newspaper means is that it’s ok for the Arabs to attack Israel but only as long as Israel does not retaliate. Israel has to just sit there and accept this aggression, does it?

Surely, this is what could be described as a one-way truce. What other nation in the world would be expected to just sit there and do nothing about the attacks?

Israel was so correct in being sceptical about a Palestinian promise.

But I can guarantee that the minute that Israel says enough and hits back, it will be accused of breaking the truce. It’s happened before and will happen again.


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