The BBC does it again!

The BBC just can’t help itself when it comes to bigoted reporting. Yesterday, a Palestinian terrorist on a bulldozer decided to attack anyone in his way as he ploughed into a bus and cars and pedestrians in Jerusalem.

He injured 40 people and killed 4. It was an intentional act of terrorism. So what was the BBC headline?


Really? Poor bulldozer driver. Tut Tut.

This terror attack took place opposite Jerusalem Capital Studios, the local headquarters for many international media outlets, including BBC, Sky News and CNN. BBC reporter, Tim Franks was able to watch the entire rampage from his office window and that’s all he could report?

Even when the Gazans are firing bombs at the Israeli towns, the best that the BBC can do is write “rocket injures dozens in Israel.” Rocket fired by whom? Martians? Why not get over your love for the Arabs and say “Arab rocket fired from Gaza injures dozens in Israeli town.”

Ever since T.E Lawrence demonstrated his unnatural love for Arabs, this trend has continued. It seems this predilection is ingrained in the BBC

Things were pretty twisted when Orla Guerin was reporting in the Middle East. Unfortunately, there are many more bigoted reporters where she came from.


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