The Muslims and Polygamy

I have no quarrel with polygamy per se. If a man is silly enough to want more than one wife then he should be able to have that thrill in a country that permits polygamy.

All sorts of cultures and religions adopt behaviour which is contrary to Western law. In the case of polygamy, it is illegal and so no exception should be made to accommodate this tradition. We seem to have bent over backwards to be uber politically correct and so are considering the acceptance of behaviour which is alien and immoral.

If a Muslim wants to have several wives, then let him do so in the country which condones it– a Muslim country where polygamy is not a crime.

I believe that it is a conspiracy by Muslims to bring four wives and have many children by these wives, so many in fact that we will rue the day that we became so liberal. Why should Muslims be allowed to flout the law? Are all our mores to be discarded just to please a few people who do not have our interests at heart?

They scorn our democratic government . They scorn our traditions, education system, clothes, music, food, sport and culture. In fact, they scorn these so much that they would bring in their own sharia laws and take us back to the Middle Ages in which they are frozen.

They feel they can insult us and when we protest they call us religious bigots.

In our desire to demonstrate how tolerant we are we have given in over and over again to their unreasonable demands. And where did that get us? Centrelink ( and that means us) is now supporting Muslim men who have several wives in several domiciles on welfare. I am disgusted by this situation. Every fibre of my being rejects their money-grubbing ways to support a lifestyle which is illegal here in Australia.

Democracy is a fine institution but not when it allows itself to be manipulated by people who are its enemy.


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