Therese Rein goes beige

The media has been following Prime Minister Rudd’s trip to Japan and we have been treated to several photo pixes of his little woman. Gone are the flamboyant imitations of an ambulatory Christmas tree that was the marque of Mrs Rudd.

She has mercifully discovered the delights of beige and grey in her wardrobe. I would like to think that she decided to accept good advice from image makers, but I suspect she abandoned her flamenco fiasco under protest.

Not that anyone would describe her as being elegant now but at least she doesn’t shriek “I’m a Las Vegas neon sign!” any more. The style of her clothes is still pretty unflattering for her shape, but at least she is trying. When she ditches her cinched tops and does something about that hair she may be closer to looking like a Prime Minister’s wife.

As for her husband, I wish he would stop making silly gestures. It was fine to lean down to talk to the child in Japan, but to see him on his knee before her was just too submissive.

I don’t think that is the last faux pas from him. We have seen him salute President Bush in a nonchalant Laughing Cavalier manner. We have seen him rub his hands together when he didn’t know what to do with himself and now he gets down in a marriage proposal position to a kindergarten age Japanese girl.

The Japanese place great value on gestures. So what was Kevin Rudd thinking? Lord knows…Someone should ask the Lord when he comes home tomorrow.


One thought on “Therese Rein goes beige

  1. Don’t you recall the interview something like this…At “Chrissie”We had “Brekkie”in “Brissie”. So speaks the leader of a country.


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