Not the Best and Brightest after all

I know that I have made fun of the imminent Talkfest of 1000 of our best and brightest going to Canberra to discuss ideas for the future of Australia. I suggested that the date of the 2-day Talkfest should be changed to April the First.

It now looks as if that might have been a better date than the end of April. As it turns out, the Talkfest clashes with the first two days of Passover so it looks as if Jews will not be able to attend. That is a serious mistake on Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s, part.

Never mind. The Jews will simply have to miss out on this auspicious occasion and in a way, Australia will have to make do with the offerings of other citizens. Can’t help thinking, though, that had this error of judgement been directed at the Muslims there would have been a few Aussie flags burned and several effigies of our Prime Minister would have been cut to shreds in the streets of Lakemba.

The organisers of the Talkfest should regard themselves as being very lucky indeed. I also suspect that when it comes to Muslim sensitivities Kevin Rudd would have quickly changed the date.


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