In Defence of Monica Lewinsky

It has been more than ten years since former U.S President, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky had an affair in the White House.

Why is it that Clinton is strutting the world stage as if he did nothing wrong while Monica is still bearing the scarlet letter on her forehead?

The injustice of the situation was emphasised to me once again when most of the ladies on that American talk show “The View” clawed at Monica for her sins. It took Whoopi Goldberg to point out how unforgiving women are of other women. In my opinion, there is really no such thing as the sisterhood even though feminists like to pretend that there is.

As H.L. Mencken said “a misogynist is a man who hates women as much as women hate each other.” Well, on “The View” the talons were out for Monica while no mention was made of that lecher, Clinton.

it seems to me that Clinton was acting in loco parentis of his intern as a headmaster should be to a pupil at school or a professor to a college student. Clinton was in a position of power. He was the same age as Monica’s parents and he betrayed everyone who respected the presidency. It would have been difficult for a young girl to not be seduced by a charismatic person who exuded such prestige. He was, after all, the most powerful man in the U.S and he abused that power in order to satisfy his lust.

I agree that Monica was foolish but then there are many groupies who chase rock stars and sleep with them just because of the reflected glory. The worst thing that you can say about those girls is that they behaved stupidly. So why not be more compassionate towards Monica? It’s not as if good old Bill was a novice at skirt-chasing. I know for a fact from an academic who went to university with him that he always behaved like that and that Hillary knew it when she chased after him.

As it turns out most of the women who admitted to having affairs with Clinton were criticised and mistrusted, but we now know that they were speaking the truth. It’s amazing how much in common Clinton has with J.F.K. who was his icon.

I can’t understand how anyone can trust what he says. He lied about his affair. He pretended that oral sex was not sexual relations. He screwed around with the American people’s respect for the presidency and now he has the hide to show his face in public in support of Hillary, a woman he betrayed over and over again while she aided and abetted him because she is ambitious.

I would have thought that every woman would have applauded Hillary if she had left her husband following all the public revelations about his terrible behaviour. When she decided to tolerate Clinton’s affairs, she betrayed all the women and demonstrated that she will do anything to become president herself. I think that she was afraid that someone would disclose that she had known all along about her husband’s philandering. I question her moral code just as I do her husband’s.

In the end it was the star-struck Monica who paid the price for Clinton’s immorality. He seems to be untouchable, doesn’t he? I wonder what that says about those people who still listen to him and who would not mind having him back in the White House.


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