The difference between Hamas and Israel

Three hours ago, Israel lifted its ban on supplies to Gaza. This is the essential difference between the two sides. Much as Israel is entitled to use any means to curb the shelling of its citizens, it cannot bring itself to cause perceived humanitarian harm, even if that harm has been exaggerated by Hamas for propaganda reasons.

I have never understood how Muslims can blow up other Muslims, how Muslims can kill Muslims who want to convert to Christianity, how Muslims can attack kindergartens full of children in Israel and how Muslims can place rockets among their own civilians so that any retaliation will be condemned.

I just don’t understand how civilisation has had no effect on their behaviour. For them, nothing is so bad that it should not be done. They even blow up people going to the Haj. It astounds me. Israel acts to protect the lives of its people and also offers assistance when Muslims have suffered earthquakes. They did this in Iran and Turkey, but Israeli assistance was refused because it would make the Muslims be grateful. Again, they chose to sacrifice their own people.

The only way that I can explain this sort of behaviour is that they have a different moral code. Their behaviour is ruled by hatred and the unwillingness to compromise. They will sacrifice everything and that includes all semblance of ethics, just to achieve the destruction of an enemy. To me, this sort of moral code belongs in the Stone Age.

My questions are “how would Hamas behave if it controlled entry into Israel?” Would it offer humanitarian aid to the Israelis? Would it be willing to live in peace side by side even under a compromised peace solution for the sake of its own people? Would it offer hospital treatment to Israelis the way that Israel has given to some Iraqis?

The answer to all those questions is no, no, no, no way.

But Israel is different. Israel would love to get rid of its weapons and concentrate on education and arts and scientific discoveries. But it’s surrounded by enemies who want to destroy it. In spite of the many compromises it has made, in the name of a future without war, Israel is forced to carry arms. This is not something that Jews enjoy. As a rule, they don’t enjoy hunting and would rather be reading or working and contributing to society in general. One only has to count the number of Nobel Prize winners among the Jews to see that their interests are peaceful ones.

I would like to think that one day a peaceful existence will be possible for Israel. Until that far off day, however, Israel will be forced to strengthen itself against the onslaught by a more aggressive culture.

Hamas is already planning its next con job on the media. They are already training their toddlers for the next onslaught. What a waste of human potential!


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