Double Standard

If there’s any event that demonstrates the media’s prejudice against Israel it’s what’s happening right now in Lebanon. The Lebanese army is shelling Palestinian militants in refugee camps full of civilians. So where’s the outcry from the BBC against the Lebanese army? Where are the photos of mangled bodies? Imagine if the army doing the attacking was Israeli.

Well, one needn’t imagine for long because it’s what usually happens. The Arabs attack. The Israelis defend themselves and counterattack. In comes the BBC with its bigots and concentrates on the “suffering” of the poor Palestinians. Yes, there is the occasional aside which mentions that the Palestinians or Hamas or Hezbollah has been shelling Israeli towns, but how quickly it is glossed over and the cameras return to concocted photos of Arab ruins.

Never mind who hit first, who sent the suicide bombers, who blew up buses, let’s get Orla Guerin to report on the conflict and let’s blame Israel.

My mind goes back to when Yasser Arafat’s Fatah used the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem as their private citadel as well as toilet and the Israelis waited patiently outside the church because they respected its sanctity. Had it been the other way around and the Israelis had entered the church and used it as a rubbish tip, the reporting would have been one of outrage that a Holy Christian site should have been desecrated.

There is no question that when it comes to reporting events in the Middle East the media is biased against Israel. How ironic then that the Palestinians reward their loyal BBC allies by capturing them.

Or have they really captured him?

Methinks that perhaps the latest reporter captive is more of a guest than a prisoner. No doubt, Alan Johnston is holidaying with his friends in Gaza. Frankly, they can keep him cause the BBC stands for Biased Beyond Credibility.


2 thoughts on “Double Standard

  1. The lead BBC Middle East story right now is about fighting between Palestinian groups in Gaza and the first raid by Palestinians into Israel since a kidnapping ago. A strange choice of lead for a pro-Palestinian outlet.

    The angle on the Lebanon story is also about all intra-Palestinian violence and the death of two Lebanese soldiers. Again, a surprising angle given their bias. Maybe they’re trying to fool us?


  2. Jeremy,
    I was just making a comparison between the reporting of middle East turmoil when only Palestinians are involved and the same scenario when Israelis and Palestinians are involved. I take that back. The BBC has apologised about its reporting lately. It had apparently referred to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel so it corrected its mistake. That should make up for all its bigotry. Talk about Janus!


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