Up to their necks in it

How full of hatred can you get? The Palestinians in Gaza have been flooded by their own raw, smelly and foul sewage this week. Apart from the symbolic meaning of such an event, lives have been lost, people taken ill and there is a danger that disease will spread.

Israel has offered help.

Haven’t heard yet if the Palestinians have accepted the offer but they were quick to blame Israel for the “tsunami” of effluent . Why am I not surprised? It’s so easy to blame someone else for your troubles. The Middle East could have been at peace by now had it not been for the sheer stupidity of the Arab nations who are only united when they have a common enemy like Israel. Let’s face it, they aren’t kissing cousins in Iraq, are they?

I wrote in a previous blog that global warming is going to be blamed on little Israel in spite of its lack of natural resources and in spite of the fact that most of its emissions are brainwaves.

I remember when the Iranians suffered a massive earthquake a while ago and many people were waiting to be rescued. Israel offered help then and was refused. The Iranians would rather see their families die than have to be grateful for the Israeli aid.

It is in this respect essentially that Muslims differ from Jews. Jews value life and will do their utmost to save it. Muslims are the antithesis of this. They would rather see their children suffocate under heavy rocks than accept humanitarian help from an enemy.

In the end this sort of fanaticism can only cause further suffering for the Muslims and much misery for the rest of the world. And if they think that it is more dignified to refuse help, well, wallowing in your own shit doesn’t sound so superior to me.


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