Why are women so mean to men?

I had some interesting responses from women who had read my previous blog on the decline of men. “Serves them right!” was the typical response and I hope that this is merely a knee-jerk reaction that women have to any discussion about men.

it is fashionable to put men down and this is reflected in advertising where men are portrayed as being incompetent, useless, coarse and let’s face it, perfect candidates for the position of village idiot.

In the RACQ commercial it’s the woman who knows all about insurance. She also knows how to make a phone call when a tradesman is required. Of course she also knows how to pretend to make a phone call when she doesn’t want her husband to be rescued from the ceiling in which he’s trapped. There’s a sadistic streak in all that.

She can’t trust her mate to go shopping with the children in case he forgets to bring them home or hasn’t the room in his car for his son after he has bought too much stuff at the hardware shop. He also forgets to play with his children so that they have to pretend to be fatherless and get a substitute daddy.

All in all, according to women, men are a waste of air.

If that is the case, then why do women go to extremes to attract them? Women primp, shave, botox, enhance parts of their anatomy with silicone, have skin tightened, lifted, and had their fat cells sucked out of them. They pay a fortune for cosmetics which promise to make them irresistible to men.

So when women claim that they are doing it for themselves, they are lying.

I predict that if men disappeared from this planet women would throw away their bust lifters, their diet regimes, their hair dyes, and their exercise equipment, faster than you can say “phew, now I can lay me down to rest.”

How hypocritical is it for women to have boob jobs and then complain that men are disrespecting them by staring at their boobs.

Actually, it’s when men no longer bother to look that women should be upset.

It’s those mixed messages that lead to confusion. As Patsy from “Absolutely Fabulous” comments about some woman’s hemline:

Any shorter and the world’s your gynaecologist.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to look attractive to men. That’s what nature is all about, and it’s foolish to complain when men react in a predictable manner according to biology.

I have often wondered what would happen if the advertising industry portrayed women as bumbling fools and had men coming to the rescue of their pathetic partners?

There would be outrage, marches, law suits, boycotts of products, sanctions against the advertising industry. “How dare they?” would be the outcry. Blood would be let and would flow in the streets because women had been offended.

After all, they are offended when there are “men only” clubs. And yet, it’s perfectly acceptable to have “gyms for women only” where, I kid you not, “balls are forbidden.” (very funny). I’m referring to the extremely sexist ad by Fernwood Fitness Centres in which a man dresses up in drag to enter the centre and is kicked out.

The fact that men can take a joke at their expense is proof that they are not as silly as women, or perhaps not as sensitive about their status. So in a paradoxical way, men have shown themselves to be superior and unconcerned about what women think of them. They simply don’t care and take it in their stride. In other words, what women say about them doesn’t really matter. Who can blame them?

What I really cannot comprehend is why women say that since they were put down for centuries, now it’s the men’s turn to suffer as they did. Why do women have to stoop to that level?

If it was wrong for men to do that, then surely women should know better.

The battle of the sexes cannot be won since the victor would have a pretty lonely life. Precious energy is wasted on competing with men and if women really believe that they were mistreated in the past, a fact I don’t dispute at all, then it’s about time that they got over it.


2 thoughts on “Why are women so mean to men?

  1. Men need to act like women do, lest we all become downtrodden second class citizens. If Fernwood Fitness wants to go against the Discrimination Act and exclude people from joining due to their gender then men should sue them.

    Stop whining and do something…Male Rights!


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