Warning to all Iraqi insurgents

Be afraid! Be very afraid, cause Prince Harry of England is coming to get you. Cornet Wales, as he is called, is primed and eager to rout the enemy.

He intends to be treated just like any other soldier.

There will, of course, be a group of SAS guards in the royal vicinity, but apart from the guards and the special food and the royal barber and the royal batman, Harry will be treated no differently.

His campaign will avoid the city areas of Iraq for “logistic” reasons and his tour of duty will be mainly in the sandhills somewhere “safer”.

You’ve seen Harry in Nazi uniform, now you can see him in British uniform and it’s quite possible that you’ll see him in flowing white robes just like Lawrence of Arabia.

Watch this space for photos of Harry dressed like a terrorist with a keffiyeh, once he’s been captured and is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Is it possible that the Queen of England is proud to be sending her grandson to Iraq because she secretly hopes that the insurgents will capture him and dispose of him? He would then be revered as a hero instead of as the black sheep with a questionable parentage. It’s been done before. Send the prodigal into battle and hope he disappears.

There’s something about Harry, all right. Where Harry goes can trouble be far behind?


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