Out with it

Finally I summoned all my courage and caved in to my suspicions. The question had to be asked and I could not stand the speculation one minute longer.

So I fronted up to my husband, looked at him fixedly, so as to judge from his body language, and propelled the question that had been bugging me for the past week.

“Are you the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby?”

He didn’t reply immediately and I wondered whether his hesitation had any significance. Was he trying to formulate a response that would pacify me or was he going to ‘fess up, as they say?

Finally, after what seemed a suspiciously long time, he said “No”.

“Dammit” I muttered. There go the palace, the yachts, the jumbo. I’m married to the only man in the world who hasn’t bedded the late and apparently, extremely affectionate, Ms Smith.


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