The Re-Generation

The Rolling Stones have done it. The Police have done it as have Cream. Apparently, Genesis is getting in on the act too.

There’s no stopping The Re-Generation, my name for those old rockers who make a comeback. We loved them when we were young and we love them now cause they make us feel young.

But do they really?

I have to confess that I cringe a little when I see the Stones, craggy and worn with arthritic hands that have strummed one too many a guitar. They all look so old and instead of making me feel young, I wonder if I look as bad as they do.

My first reaction is “Oh my god!” why do they want to appear in public and shatter the illusion. They don’t sing as well. They don’t move as well, but audiences still throng to see them cause we’re all in the same boat, hoping that time has been our friend.

Sadly, it hasn’t, even for those who have had that bit of help from a surgeon.

It’s not that they need the money. So it must be for the adulation that they once enjoyed and which they miss.

Can’t blame them for feeling that way, but I must admit that, from a purely selfish perspective, it’s better that Elvis and Marilyn and Jimmy Dean died early. I wouldn’t want to see them trying to resuscitate a flagging career. Nor do I want a reminder of the cruelty of Father Time.

The thought of an aging idol doing the rounds of cabarets is very sad and there’s something rather melancholy about performers who should know better.

I remember when Cary Grant decided that he no longer wanted to do romantic roles with much younger actresses. That man had panache.

It’s possible that I’m being too harsh but when I see the Stones prancing around on stage, I wonder how many fans are kidding themselves that nothing has changed.

But if you can fool yourself for a while, I suppose there’s no real harm in that.


3 thoughts on “The Re-Generation

  1. Real musos keep on till the end.What’s this about the Stones ‘prancing’? Wouldn’t you love to be able to do the splits and his gymnastics? He must be in his mid 60’s… and still has black hair.


  2. Don’t see any problem with doing the splits. It’s the getting up again that would worry me. As for Mick, he could never be described as a singer or a dancer. He was a performer and one whose act looked as if he was suffering from Tourette’s syndrome–those jerky, erratic movements were probably due to some bannned pharmaceutical. The more appropriate name for the group is “The Stoned Rollers”.
    I admire your sarcasm about his black hair, though. It’s really natural.


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