Another Day, another Diet

What the world needs now is another diet, don’t you think? We have carbo-loaded in the Seventies which made us fatter. We low-fatted ourselves in the Eighties into obesity, low-glycemafied our systems into total confusion, not to mention more obesity. We Pritikined, Stillmaned, Atkinised and Zoned ourselves into morbid obesity. So where did that get us? Continue reading

New address for serial sex offender

It looks like a convicted paedophile is having a hard time finding a new home following his release from prison. Robert John Fardon who had already breached his parole agreement by keeping company with another multiple sex offender was jailed again and has now been released for a second time. Apparently, the citizens of Ipswich were not throwing a welcome party for him when he was secretly delivered to their suburb. Can you blame them? Continue reading