Bring back P.E to our schools

Australians love to break records. They love to be faster, drink more beer at one go, stay awake longer and score more runs in cricket than the rest of the world. Not all at once, admittedly, but they would love to if they could. Continue reading

I’m making a big mistake but here goes!

A while back I became the target of spam. There was spam about all sorts of ailments and special deals but mostly about erectile dysfunction treatments by the hundreds. Much as I sympathise with members of the opposite sex about their inability to rise to the occasion, I really felt that such advertising was wasted on me.

Even if I knew a man at half mast who could benefit from all those magic potions, I seriously doubt that I would say to him, “Has my spam got a treatment for you!” In fact, I have sworn on every holy book that I will never, never, never buy anything that has been unsolicited by me. I naturally am averse to spam, therefore I will never encourage it.

After a few months of daily deletions of spam I put in place a few barriers which worked. They work very well, by the way. So well that nobody can be bothered jumping over the hurdles that I’ve set in place. Did I hear someone say, “be careful what you wish for?”

So, as an experiment, I have removed the obstacles and will see what happens. I invite all genuine and honest commentators on my posts to write a comment. I have missed your opinions. Or is it opinion? lol

New address for serial sex offender

It looks like a convicted paedophile is having a hard time finding a new home following his release from prison. Robert John Fardon who had already breached his parole agreement by keeping company with another multiple sex offender was jailed again and has now been released for a second time. Apparently, the citizens of Ipswich were not throwing a welcome party for him when he was secretly delivered to their suburb. Can you blame them? Continue reading