The Australian Muslim Community speaks at last about the terrorist attacks in Paris

Apparently, the Grand Mufti of Australia has spoken. We don’t know what he said because he doesn’t speak English.

Hard to believe, but I read that he’s been in Australia some 18,  yes 18 years, and great scholar that he is couldn’t be bothered learning English. He has been the Grand Mufti since 2011 and has seen no reason to learn English yet, it seems.

What made me laugh today, however,  is that on Al Jazeera TV there was a breaking news documentary called

“The Day Israel attacked America.”  Hmm, I thought. I wonder what that’s about?

Well, it’s about the day,  50 years ago,  yep 50 years ago during the Six Day War when the Israelis accidentally hit an American vessel while Israel was defending itself against attacks by Five Arab nations.

All I could conclude from that Al Jazeera ploy is that the Muslims must be in a lot of trouble to dig up that old story in order to distract their viewers from what’s really happening in Paris right now.


Climate Change and flatulence

Just when we are on the brink of conceding that climate change is all our fault,  scientists in New Zealand are going to present us with a Christmas gift.

Apparently,  they will know by Christmas whether they have found a cure for flatulence in cattle. This flatulence produces methane emissions which lead to the formation of greenhouses gases which are bad for the environment.

Scientists,  bless their little hearts,  are trying to create methane inhibitors.  They are fiddling with all sorts of compounds to achieve this breakthrough.

In other words, they want to reduce farting in cattle.  Something like a charcoal pill, I suppose. But it’s far too complicated for me to explain the whole thing because this is extremely highbrow chemistry or physics or thermodynamics.  I just threw in the last word because it sounds pretty scientific.

Nevertheless,  I still wonder what could happen if the experiment goes sour. What if instead of inhibiting the amount of methane that a cow produces it ends up full of it like some zeppelin until it explodes and whizzes around like a burst party balloon?

Imagine the number of  UFO’s that will be reported!

Anyhow, I wish the Kiwis all the luck in the world with this one. There’s so much hot air around the topic of climate change that any method of reducing it would be most welcome.