Goodbye to boring U.S elections

It has been a very boring U.S election up till now and an impossibly long one. It’s such a shame that electioneering takes up so much of the presidential term, not to mention the money spent on getting people to vote. But with the advent of Sarah Palin, there should be some exciting times ahead. Continue reading

Have gun will marry. Sarah Palin to be a granny!

I have just heard that the Governor of Alaska’s unmarried daughter is pregnant. We have been reassured, however, that young Miss Palin will be getting married to the father. What a relief! This has really got to be the perfect shotgun wedding with Sarah Palin being a fully-fledged gun-totin’ member of the NRA.

Not quite sure how this will go down with the religious right in the U.S who favour chastity before marriage. I know that John McCain wanted to appeal to the common denominator when he selected Palin as his running mate, but has he gone too far? Could Sarah turn out to be a Calamity Jane?

You think Obama is too young? Well, we can offer you one even younger and female as well. So there!