Nonsensical Sensis

So here we are in Melbourne after a long car trip from Brisbane.

I’m surrounded by cartons which are slowly being unpacked.

The internet is up, but the email is still not working. Have you noticed how the name Telstra and Horror rhyme perfectly? Telstra only supports Microsoft Outlook apparently, so we are stuck.

We had the phone connected but had no phone books which is very weird because the technician should have carried phone books in his van with him. But instead, we had to phone Sensis and do the usual talking to a computer for half an hour only to be informed that we had to place an order for phone books which would take three days to come.

As it turned out, that information was incorrect. The phone books were waiting for us at the door the next day, but had we not gone outside and tripped over them they would still be there. It’s amazing how often Sensis gets it wrong and yet Telstra tells us that Sensis is the best thing that they have achieved. This could very well be true, of course, since Telstra is one lousy monopoly and has no reason to improve its service.

We need good competition between service providers and this arrangement that Telstra has cannot benefit the customer. As we waited for a human being to answer our call to Sensis we were assured by the friendly computer voice that it sincerely regrets the delay and that my call is important. It’s certainly comforting to hear that the recording cares but I would have liked it to end with “Have a nice day” and then I could have replied “No worries.”


5 thoughts on “Nonsensical Sensis

  1. To Steve@Sensis
    Funny you should have 4 comments about Sensis, three of which are identical, because when we picked up one set of phone books outside our door one day, the next day there was another set of phone books delivered to our door. Now we have two sets of books.
    As for your suggestion that we could use the internet white pages, that was impossible because Telstra, (your boss?)
    could not connect us to bigpond and we had to get our computer angel to help us. We find that the internet is not much use without a connection to it.
    Another day, another blip lol


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